Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finally, I have time to post on this blog. and now, drum roll please..............

What I did at Camp Rivendell

I arrived at Camp Rivendell on July 30Th for officer training. On August 3rd there was the first mission, a mission to rescue some officers captured by officers. The Next we got our ranks. (I got the rank of lieutenant) The day after that, the boys arrived and there were lots of fireworks. In addition, I got sick. Friday August 6Th, Still sick until 3:30, just in time for mass. Later we went on a mission to capture the evil bad guy's magic staff thingy that could control the minds of orcs & men. We captured it to the accompaniment of more fireworks and a horrible loud terrible screeching noise that made me go deaf for five seconds. We then took it to the high elf leader's base. The next day there was a council to determine what to do with the staff thingy and it was decided that we would trick the evil bad guy into destroying it. Later that night we crept into "Minas Morgul" and watched as the bad guy was going to destroy some traitorous orcs (hidden behind one of them was the staff) He blew up one of the orcs (more fireworks + a big fireball) but he spared the other orc who then revealed where the staff was. The bad guy took it and we fled. Saturday August 7Th, Big battle tons of fighting, more fighting, still more fighting, oh, and did I mention fighting. Then big explosion and lots of smoke and the evil bad guy appears with his staff. Break (finally) in the fighting, the evil bad guy uses his magic staff to bend the wills of all the officers and make them come to him. We come, walking like zombies, and he is about to give the order to attack, when Prince Malletus (played by Mark Mallet) snatches the staff the evil bad guy shoots another fireball at the prince, the prince dodges and it hits the staff destroying it killing the bad guy. More fighting to destroy the orcs. Then victory fireworks followed by a victory feast with dancing (including yours truly.) The next day was the final day with awards and mass followed by lunch followed by going home and taking a shower.
Thus endeth Camp Rivendell

Liutenant Prince Rillian
Lorien Squad, Elven Legion, Reunited Kingdom.

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