Saturday, October 30, 2010

Newsflash! to change servers soon!

The title says it all.  According to my sources The will be changing servers soon.  "Who are your sources, Prince Rillian?" You ask.  They are (although technically it's only one source so I should say she is) Bambi of the C-o-E Team.   Just thought I'd do my part in helping to spread the word.  And now back to the weather reports.  "Well Prince Rillian, it looks like we're in for a shower tomorrow."  "What area Bob?" "The entire world." "What the entire world will be covered in rain?" "No Prince Rillian, it's the apocalypse tomorrow.  It isn't a shower of rain, it's a meteor shower."  "Well thanks for that Bob now for me to get to bed so that I don't write down any more of these stupid one person skits."

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