Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm Back! V2/Arcatheos

I’m back again!  Just in time to announce that on Thursday I shall be leaving again.  I will be going to the Wisdom Homeschooling Baseball Camp.

In other news, Arcatheos (the father-son summer camp that I have mentioned previously)  had a very strong presence at the Family Life Conference.  There were many people in costumes wandering around the site, promoting Arcatheos.  Including someone in a sort of Elvish costume but with a couple changes...  (In other  On Saturday, starting at 7:00, there was even a "training mission.”  essentially, what happened was a group of officers would teach the boys the basics of marching and drill.  Then, a ranger would approach them requesting them to scout out the area.  They march off into the forest, and a scout runs up and joins them.  They march further into the forest and are stopped by Carthion the Guardian of the Forest, who is in a sort of Elvish costume but with a couple changes.  He joins up with them and they continue.  The scout runs off ahead to check something.  Carthion calls out that something is wrong.  Just at that moment, a Droch (the Arcatheos version of orcs)  grabs the scout and begins to carry him off.  Carthion takes the boys to a “secret stash of weapons” and gives each boy a sword.  Once they’re armed, they stealthily aproach the Droch in an attempt to surprise it and rescue the scout.  However, the Droch sees them and calls out: “I’ll kill him if you come any closer.”  All hope seems lost for the scout but at that moment, Ranger Lionel bursts out of the forest and tackles the Droch. The boys charge.  More Drochs (Droches?) enter from the forest.  The boys kill them, and then they leave having recused the scout from the clutches of evil.

That’s basically what the script was.  Oh, and Ranger Lionel, in my opinion, when you burst from the clearing and tackled the Droch, that had to be my favourite part.  


  1. Oh, He forgot to mention that there was an awesome girls squad!!!

  2. They weren't really a squad. They just got a tour of the mission.