Sunday, August 21, 2011

I’m Back (Shortly)

Well, I’m back from Arcatheos (for those of you who didn’t know I’d left all I can say is: oops)  I was supposed to be gone for twelve days starting on the twenty-eighth of July and ending on the eighth of this month.  However, my family sprung a vacation on me.  I went to Regina for a couple days and then South into North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Montana. (In that order and with the majority of the time spent in South Dakota.)  I’m back just in time to announce my departure for reading camp in a couple days.  To make up for my extended absence and my absence that is fast approaching, I offer as a peace gift another poem from the ever-wonderful Anne Therese.  Oh one more thing.  While I was away, some costume pieces I ordered arrived in the mail.  I’ll try to find some time to post pictures.

Finding Joy
 By Anne Therese
Where has it gone,
That joy.
It wasn’t always

I want it back
I used to be so full of it
I want to go

I am asking him
Who is the light
Because I trust in

I am happy
But not like before
I want it normal and
I want it to be simple
Kindness and love.
I wish it was easy and

I have great hope
There is no greater
Because I know he is there, and I

I need to pray
Because he is always there
I can get it all back, if I

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  1. Anne Therese,
    Great poem.

    In Christ,
    Queen Lucy