Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hello and welcome from the not-enough-time-in-a-day planet where I never have enough time to work on this blog. Fortunately, I left that planet and am now adding to this blog. (or else I'm dreaming) Now I will official start The Narnia Newsletter. But first due to a lack of requests I will give you a random moral. "Elvis lives on, in our hearts, in his music, and in a trailer park in South Carolina. Anyway, here is (drum roll please) The Narnia Newsletter!!! The newsletter for all your new Narnia needs! (I love saying (or typing) that.)

Part 1: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe characters

Peter: The oldest and bravest of the four. gifts: A magic sword and shield

Susan: The second oldest and the most "adult like" of the children. gifts: A magic bow a magic horn and a magic quiver

Edmund: The traitor in the group who later repented (unless your watching a Narnia play in St. Albert where Maugrim is a cat Edmund gets a gift and a white stag runs through every scene) gifts: none

Lucy: The youngest and the first one to enter Narnia. Gifts: A dagger and a cordial

Aslan: The son of the Emperor Beyond the Sea, he was killed by the white witch and later brought back to life by the deeper magic. well that's all for tonight.

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