Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's time for: Guess the Christmas Song. The time when you guess the Christmas song. Here they are.
1) To sum forth the entire assembly loyal in their belief !
2) We listen to messengers of harmonious sounds!
3) Nocturnal times pan of unbroken quietness!
4) Small Judean municipality, southeast of Jerusalem!
5) Our auditory mechanisms perceive their voices at the zenith!
6) Diminutive masculine master of skin covered cylinders!
7) May blessings grant respite to ecstatic personages of male gender!
8) Venture forth and voice from a specific alpine geological formation!
9) The first person nominative plural of a triumvirate of Oriental potentates!
10) Nocturnal awe of the time span characterized by religiosity!
11) Distant from the present locale in a device devoted to animal alimentation!
12) The initial commemoration of divine incarnation!
13) It occurred during the nocturnal point equidistant between crepuscular periods of non-precipitous weather!
14) A troche of ocean-going vehicles was apparent to me!
15) Felicitations to Sol's third major satellite!
16) Do not prevent the crystallization of hydrogen hydroxide forming precipitate from the atmosphere! 17) Apply an ecologic visually aesthetic improvement to interior causeways!
18) The metallic hemispherical percussion instruments stimulated my auditory nerves at the incarnation feast!
19) During the vigilance of custodians of ruminants of the genus ovis!
20) I shall return to the sites of my domicile for the celebration of divine nativity!

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