Sunday, February 5, 2012

I’m Back yet again (and hopefully for good) & changes

I’m back yet again.  This time it should be for good.  I’m making a bunch of changes to this blog.

When I started this blog I was in a Narnia craze.  Everything Narnia.  Narnia, Narnia, Narnia.  That has gradually worn off.  Now, although I still love Narnia, it isn’t the center of everything.  So I’ve decided to revamp this blog and make it more streamlined for the modernistic consumer.  In words not used by people in marketing to try to sound cool.  I’m changing my blog to something else.  What is that something else?  It is  -_--O  (That’s a drum rolling by the way (get it?  Drumroll?))  Catholicism.  I’ve decided to do two things. 1: Write posts answering questions about Catholicism (Serious and not-so serious)  2: Writing my thoughts on issues of today (and tomorrow and the day after and...)  5: I mean 3: Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition (and yes I did just make three Monty Python references.  (They are King Arthur’s problem with mistaking 5 for 3, The Spanish Inquisition line, and the other one you can figure out for yourself.  (It involves the fact that I said I only had two things and I had three))

Of course, I will also periodically post things unrelated to the above, but I can’t foresee those and tell you about them.

On a related note to the thing 1, I want YOU to send me your questions about Catholicism.  Either stuff that you wonder, or stuff that a friend or relative wonders, or stuff that some person somewhere might wonder so you might as well ask it yourself to save him the trouble.  Also, let me repeat, non-serious questions are allowed and encouraged.  There’s not enough humour in the world and I want more of it.  (An example of a non serious question is: Do Catholics believe that Pluto is a planet?  To which the answer is of course: Yes!  You aren’t a Catholic if you don’t believe that Pluto is a planet as well as a dog.  (p.s. That was humour.  It is not really my view that you must believe in the planetness of Pluto to be a Catholic.))

On another related note.  If you see any mistakes both spleling mistakes (besides that last one.  It was intentional to be funyn.) and mistakes in content (for instance if I was to say that the bible was written by Noah one night on the ark when he was bored.)  If they aren’t obviously not meant seriously (like my statement about Pluto.)

Also, awhile back, I said that if any homeschoolers or homeschool graduates want me to put out an ad for anything that they do, just say the word.

If you’d be interested in writing a guest article.  Be my guest.  leave a comment on my blog saying what you want to write about and give me a link to your blog (or if I know you personally just tell me who you are.) and I’ll get back to you on wether or not I’d accept your article.

That’s all for now...


  1. Hello there Prince Rillian,

    Love all of the ideas, as well as the blog design change. But watch out, I may be posing you some pretty hard ones. The thing though about being Catholic is that we have the catechism giving all the answers away... but you will be great to help clarify them, and I can't wait to hear your personal views and angles.

    Love in Christ,

    Anne Therese