Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lost Arts - Guest Post by Anne Therese

Anne Therese (and yes she is ever wonderful) has graciously accepted my invitation for a guest post.  It is on the subject of art.

Enjoy, I know I will.

Forgotten Arts

                When was the last time that you met a sculptor? If you live in Canada particularly, when was the last time that you saw a real nicely designed building? How many new books are coming out that are moral and enjoyable?  There are art forms that are slowly slipping away from our society, because so much is at our finger tips we don’t need to make the effort to become artists. Perhaps I better begin by showing what the definition of an artist is.

·         Somebody who does something skillfully and creatively

·         Somebody who is very good at a particular thing, especially something cunning

                We don’t seem to need creativeness , and we don’t seem to need to even create things. Everything is already created, and we just have to type it into our search box to find it. There are some art forms that seem to be done more then others. People still seem to have some interest in sketching, and I don’t think that a passion to write something will ever die out completely. But will those people who are challenging their minds actually finish what they have begun? Will they send out their works as a gift that others may enjoy them? I don’t know, but they should finish. We need people who finish their work. Just because that way they can develop and grow. If they finish their work then there will be another piece of art to be created. Singing is fairly popular, but what kind of singing is it? The beautiful sweet clear voice of a woman is discarded. Now we want either voices that yell or that whisper with a breathy annoying sound. That is what the modern world looks for in a woman’s voice. For a man, sad to say, they want it to sound like a woman’s voice. We are losing the power of art. It is changing, and I don’t think its for the better.

                I want people to recall those lost arts, because we need them. Everywhere we look things are losing their beauty and authenticity. Sure we have what people have made before us, but these things won’t last for ever. We need to keep on recreating, and not letting out minds fall into a stupor.

Especially as Catholics we need to recall the beauty of the church, we need beautiful paintings, beautiful music, beautiful minds that are challenging themselves, and trying to become better.

Thank you Rillian so much for letting me do this guest post.

The Rambling Artist Anne Therese

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