Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Catholic Cruises

Well, my family has been looking into vacation ideas for January and my dad found this:  Costa Cruises.  It's amazing because in this day and age of secularism in their FAQ page they have the question"

"Is there a Holy Mass service on board?

All Costa ships have a Chapel where Catholic religious services are held. Holy Mass times are published in Today, the on-board newsletter delivered to your cabin every day."

Isn't that amazing!

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  1. My wife runs Catholic-oriented cruises. Costa is based in Italy, and always has a priest. I think Holland America ships always have one, and Celebrity usually does. On occasion my wife has booked a priest from our diocese to come with the group. She's doing that later this year on a 7-day cruise leaving New Orleans after Christmas.

    BTW, at least for US ships, the Apostleship of the Sea approves all the priests as being genuine. There have been occasions of former priests or lay people faking it on cruise ships.