Monday, March 21, 2011

100 Posts! (and some poetry)

Well, one hundred posts.  I think I should throw a party.  To celebrate this monumentous occaision, I am posting from a computer in Vancouver.  Actually, I'm posting from Vancouver because I'm on my way to Victoria fo a sailing trip.  but that's pretty much the same...right?  I discovered something today.  When I'm over tired, I am really good at making poetry.  That or I think I'm really good.  Because I was sick and tired of all the snow everywhere, I wrote this poem. 

It's in the rhyme scheme AA BB CC

Leaving Edmonton

The snow falls thickly on the ground,
It comes without a single sound,
But though it falls and has before,
I will never see it.  No more!
For I am gone, as of today,
The wind shall carry me away.

More poetry on Saturday. (maybe)


  1. I like your Poem!
    I admire your blog, you have so many things you have to update and work on. Your posts are really interesting.
    In Christ,
    Anne Therese

  2. I like the 'wind shall carry me away part.'

    Very nice! :D

    (It's me, your insane cousin. Yes, you know who.)