Saturday, March 12, 2011


Well, my apologies for not posting sooner.  My week was very hectic with getting ready for a play tomorrow and also, the Western Canadian Catholic Home-Schooling Conference.  The WCCHSC is a conference for Catholic homeschoolers and people who are thinking of homeschooling.  There is daily mass, perpetual adoration, and there are confessions on the second day.  This year we had a bunch of speakers from the Alberta area.  Last year, we had Joseph Pearce come and speak.  Next year, we will have Andrew Pudewa the director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing come and speak.  If it sounds like I'm wildly promoting this, it's because it is a very great conference to go to.  It's not at all related to the fact that I'm on the organizing team there.  If it wasn't enough to have mass, adoration, confession, and such great speakers, we also get a lot of vendors selling homeschooling supplies and books.  There was also a table for Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy - where I eventually hope to go to - and Living Water College of the Arts - which I will have more about later.  I even managed to get ahold of a copy of Unplanned from one of the vendors.  Thanks RAnn for the good review of the book.

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  1. Prince Rillian, this sounds like a great conference. I'm sure many people will benefit from it.