Saturday, March 12, 2011

Living Water College of the Arts

What is Living Water College of the Arts?  It is a college currently only offering summer programs, but with the grace of God it will hopefully be a three year degree granting college soon.  They currently have three courses about to run:  Iconography, Theatre - which I hope to be in - and Classical Painting. Many people had terrific things to say about Living Water.

Archbishop Thomas Colins of the Archdiocese of Toronto said, “The fact that the Living Water College of the Arts is being set up to provide for the spiritual, personal, intellectual and professional growth of students of the Arts, enabling them to give glory to God through their lives and works, is viewed by me as yet another source of hope for the world.”

Mark Mallet, a Canadian singer/songwriter said, “There are schools which teach art, and then are schools who teach artists to become the art. Living Water College is a rare academy which seeks to recover truth and beauty not only by what we paint, write, or perform, but by the spirit which is behind it. I wholeheartedly support the mission and endeavours of this college.”

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  1. Very interesting. We need orthodox Catholic schools for the arts. The secular schools promote depravity and in all the arts today it seems people vie for who can descend to the lowest level possible - think Hollywood.