Saturday, October 15, 2011

Edmonton Archdiocese Youth Rally Retreat Thingy

Well, I just got back from the Edmonton Archdiocese Youth Rally Retreat Thingy (I can't remember what it's called right now.)  What is this Edmonton Archdiocese Youth Rally Retreat Thingy you ask (really I'm asking it for you but hey use your imagination)  Well it's basically a bunch of Catholic talks aimed and young adults and youth with mass and praise & worship songs.  This year, the band that played was FX of Grace.  They are a group of teenage boys who got together to form a Catholic Praise and Worship band.  They have a single out on ITunes called Dance.  I highly recomend it.  Also, their first album will be released onto ITunes in TWO WEEKS.  That I can also highly recomend as they played some of their songs from it today.  For the mass, the band was ___(I can't remember the name right now but as soon as I remember this will be edited.)  Then after mass and supper, there was a dance.  With a range of songs from the Y.M.C.A to Cadillac Ranch.  (Unfortunately, it wasn't a ballroom style dance, but a bunch of us homeschoolers ballroom danced anyway for bit's of it.)  Oh, I almost forgot.  The speaker for the talks was Michael Chiasson.  He was originally from Houston, Texas and moved to Canada only recently.  (I'd put when he moved but like so many other things in this post I forgot.)  He had two main points.  The First: You are AMAZING!!!  In other words.  Everyone that you meet is an amazing person and so are you so treat others properly, and also hold your head up eye because you are amazing.  The second point (and those reading this who went to the Family Life Conference or heard the talks there described will have heard this.)  was:  I'M ALL IN.  It's also Michael's theme for the year.  Going into details, basically being ALL IN means giving everything to God, everything to the faith.  All in all it was an impacting day/night.

Well, that's all for now! ;)

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