Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Writings From Anne Therese

From the ever wonderful Anne Therese comes a beautiful poem, and also a terrific short story.  It's really hard to decide which one is better.

Peace be with you

 by Anne Therese

Peace be with you

Christ be with you

To me that means silence

Time to be with God

To think of my reliance

And wonder at it.

Sitting in the grass

Or watching a sunset

Being at mass

Or just darkness.

Peace is with me

Because God is with me

Grant me the light to see

Christ in peace.

By Anne Therese
"Father, Father! Look at the sand castle I have made!"
The Father looked at the creation and smiling said, "It is a good sand castle."
"It used to be just worthless sand, and now look at it! It is the same, but it is changed. It is beautiful now, because of the shape I have given it."
Then a woman came and looked at it admiringly and said, "What a wonderful sand castle, who made it?"
"I did." said the son.
"What is your name?"

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  1. Very nice, I personally like the Poem the best.

    Yours in Christ,
    Queen Lucy