Monday, May 16, 2011

Arcatheos 2011 register now!

Well, it is now possible to register for Arcatheos!  What is Arcatheos?  It is the descendant of Camp Rivendell.  It doesn't have a LotR theme though.  It is closely affiliated with ConQuest a Catholic boy's program in this neck of the woods.  Boy's from 7 to 12 years old can attend as campers.  From 13 to 17 the attend as officers. (also known as councillors)  Dad's can also attend, and for boy's 7 to 8 they are required.
The cost for the campers is $329 for the first boy in the family subsequent boys are $299. For the first officer in the family, it is slightly more expensive.  It is $579 and $549 for additional officers.  Dad's are much cheaper, they are only $229.  Also, you can ask to join the team for $199 (you have to be approved before registering.)   For more information please check out the Arcatheos website

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