Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weekly Writing Corner

Well, you may have noticed two new surveys.  They are for an idea I had called: The Weekly Writing Corner.  (Rest assured there will be a much catchier name shortly.)  The idea behind it is either one of two things.  Either I post a poem or an excerpt from a story or something else that I’ve written and then people put links to their blogs on it, (and maybe link back to me...)  or instead of that, they put the poems in the comment box.  That is the purpose of one of the surveys.  The other survey is...well..It speaks for itself.

On that note, here’s two poems: (one is an old one but with one line changed)

On Looking Out of a Window  (Because I wrote this while looking out of a window.)
Looking out of my window,
I see the rain as it falls,
I sit and watch in the silence,
As the day draws to a close.

It seems to speak in whispers,
Of a world I have never known,
And a girl who is waiting,
As the day draws to a close.

So I leave my post at the window,
my post in that dreary world,
And I go to my love who is waiting,
As the day draws to a close.

To Those Who Read the Previous Poem

Some people say I’m in love with a girl,
 who is tall and rather quite wide,
Others will say I’m in love with a girl,
 who is short round about knee-high,
The truth however is different than that,
The truth is I am in love with a cat.
P.S Actually that final line was untrue,
      However, that you probably knew.


  1. I said Friday in the "What day should the Weekly Writing Thingy fall on?"
    And I mean that I want Friday and Monday.

    And I also said on the Which way should the Weekly Writing Thingy work?
    Comments (Poems and stuff in the Comment box)
    Can you tell me what this thingy's purpose is?
    In Christ
    Queen Lucy

  2. Basically every ____ people send in poems. (or the links to their blogs with poems)