Saturday, May 7, 2011

Roses From Heaven

This is a story about my most recent experience with the power of prayer.

Just yesterday, I was trying to figure out (again) what I wanted to do with my life.  I had gotten a couple good ideas and finally nailed it down to one.  To make sure that what I had chosen was what God wanted, I decided to pray about it.  I felt that God was saying yes but to make doubly sure, I thought about asking St. Therese.  So I asked to see a rose within the week if God wanted me to go through with my plan.

Now, today a bunch of my friends came over to play at our house.  They were here for a while then their dad came to pick them up.  My parents had also asked him (unbeknownst to me) to buy - you guessed it -roses for my Grandmas.  So, he brought the roses in.  All sixteen of them. (which is also my age.)

Postscript: After, I thought: "Wow that's cool...but maybe that doesn't count because the roses were already going to come before I prayed."  Then the mother of the friends came (she was getting groceries) and gave us even more roses just because.

That's all for now!

Saint Therese of Lisieux,
pray for us!


  1. I love how God can give us little encouragements, to tell us that we matter.
    May I ask where you think God may be leading you? If you want to wait and discern more then I totally understand. I know I wouldn't want to declare things too early.
    God Bless you! Always be open to God's plans, he can be very mysterious.
    Oh thank you for praying to my patron saint. She is great. What made you think of her?

    God Bless,
    Anne Therese

  2. I believe he may be leading me to be an actor in Hollywood. The day before I prayed to Saint Therese, I saw an ad on EWTN for a place called Holywood. It's a Catholic acting studio. I was praying to see if God wanted me to go there after I go to OLSWA.

    Actually, what made me think of her was the St. Therese statue next to my bed fell over and bonked my on the head.

  3. A rose from The Little Rose? Perhaps so....

    God bless! (And happy belated birthday!)

  4. Oh yes, Saints can get quite violent to attract our attention. Saints are always neat people. There are no boring Saints. To become a saint, you have to be alive!! In love with Christ.
    You are in my prayers.

    In Christ,
    Anne Therese

  5. Those roses bear paying attention to

  6. I think that the statue bonking you on the head should be the most important sign. But the most important thing is to remain faithful by praying, going to confession and mass, reading the Bible. If you do those things God will just keep leading you down the path He desires for you and only bonk you on the head with a staute now and then.
    You are young yet so just keep your eye on the pearl of great price and all will be well.
    Love Mom