Monday, May 16, 2011

Homeschooling Buisnesses.

Alright, so In this post I'm going to talk about a wonderful person named Tianna Mallet.  I could talk for days about how great her family is so I am just going to focus on her for this post.  She is the daughter (or one of the daughters either way works) of Mark Mallet (who I could talk about for a year and a day) and Lea Mallet nee Berube (speaking of Berubes, there are tons and tons of them in this neck of the woods.  It seems like every other person is a Berube these days...but that's another story.)   Tianna is a terrific graphic designer.  Whenever I see her pictures, I'm speechless.  She's also very skilled in making websites.  Her website is 

If you or your children are or were homeschooled and have a buisness you want me to promote, put a comment on this post giving your name age and a description of the buisness.  (P.S I will also actively search out homeschooling buisnesses and put them here as well (this post is an example of that))

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