Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunday Snippets!

Well, it’s that time of the week again.  No, not the time to make fun of the Family Channel.  It’s Sunday Snippets time.  Where a bunch of Catholicy authors post a list of the Catholicy stuff that was on their Catholicy blog that week.  (If you haven’t noticed - which is very hard - I’ve created a new word, Catholicy.  It means the same as the adjective Catholic, but it’s kind of cute sounding. (so "I am a Roman Catholicy”doesn’t work, but that is a Catholicy person does.))  (Yet further proof that I shouldn’t blog at night.)    ...Anyway, since I missed last weeks Sunday Snippets,  I’m going to have some of my posts from then on the list this week as well.  Drumroll please    -_-_-O  Here it is:

A New Author! (ish)  All about a new author on this blog. (in a way)
Weekly Writing Corner  An idea I had.  (Name subject to change)
Homeschooling Buisnesses  Buisnesses by Homeschoolers
Captivenia 2011 register now!  A wonderful Mother & daughter summer camp by the wife of the person in charge of:
Arcatheos 2011 register now!  A wonderful Father and son summer camp, where the dads dress up as bad guys, and the kids fight them with foam weapons and water ballons.

and of course:

Gospel of the Day 28/5/11
Gospel of the Day 26/5/11, and 27/5/11
Gospel of the Day 25/5/11

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