Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On blogs and changes.

Sigh, so many blogs are changing constantly.  Like my sister's blog.  It used to be all one page, but now?  No, one page isn't good enough.  (Warning Monty Python reference approaching)

You know, when we were young we didn't have any of these fancy about me pages.  We had to make our blogs on one page.

(Next Yorkshireman:) Well, in my day we had it tough.  We didn't have any pages.  We didn't even have a computer  .We had to make our blogs on typewriters.

(Other Yorkshireman:) We used to dream of using a typewriter, would have been like Heaven to us.  No, we had to make due with sticks and dead leaves.

(Last Yorkshireman:) What type of leaves?
(Other Yorkshireman:) Maple.
(Last Yorkshireman:)......

Well you get the picture.  Actually, now that I think about it, that's the real reason for this post.  So that I could copy Monty Python.  No other reason at all.  Well

That's all for now!

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